5 Tips and Tricks for Growing Veggies Indoors

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Growing plants indoors can be beneficial in many ways, especially when you live in an area not suitable for outdoor growing operations. When growing veggies indoors, you want to do what’s best for your plants to ensure they produce full and healthy, but what really is best? There are so many different tips out there to ensure proper growth, so we want to share with you the 5 tips that WE find to be the most efficient and beneficial.

  • Indoor plants use and need a lot of sunlight. South-facing windows are great for some vegetables, but other vegetables—like tomatoes—need more sunlight. Compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lights are a very good alternative to natural light. Position your lights directly over your crops and attach them to a timer set to at least 12 hours a day.
  • Water your plants as you would outside, and don’t be afraid of keeping them moist. The air inside may become less humid and dry over winter, or any other climate change, so check moisture levels every couple hours.  You can also place small stones in a dish to keep that extra water from evaporating and give your plants extra moisture.
  • Maintaining the proper temperature is very important to plant growth. If they are too hot, they will not produce to full potential, and if it’s too cold, they may have underdeveloped leaves that fall off. Keeping a permanent temperature of 65°-75° is best for most plants, but a variance of 10° either way would still be manageable.
  • Potting and space is key to a healthy indoor garden. The pot or a land area must be big enough to support a fully grown crop. Pots will hold soil adequately but must have proper drainage.
  • Soil is very important to having the best indoor crops. Soil found outside is not appropriate since it’s too heavy and may contain weed seeds or insect pests. A good soil should remain loose and drain well, yet contain enough organic matter to hold nutrients and moisture.

At GrowSpectra, the health of the plants is our priority. Efficiently growing plants indoors is one of the best ways to ensure healthy, tasty vegetables and a reliable business in the agricultural industry. For more help efficiently growing the best plants you can indoors, check out our website to see how we can help.