Efficiency and Economic Benefits to Using LED Lighting for Indoor Grow Operations

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The first incandescent light bulb was invented in 1878, and at that time it was a technological marvel.  Comparing it to the traditional bulbs of today and past lighting fixtures, they were just not efficient or economical.  Light bulbs and fixtures have evolved just like everything else in this world today.  Modern LED lights are more advanced and beneficial in many aspects and will continue to advance in the near future.  At this time, there are many economical and efficient benefits to modern LED lighting. 

LED lighting is more economically friendly and can save on cost for farmers everywhere.  Operational and maintenance costs of LED lights are significantly lower than conventional light sources. Some farmers have chosen not to switch over from HPS (high pressure sodium) grow lights due to the high costs, however recent economic analysis proves that growers that upgrade to LED lighting quickly recoup their investments and generate more profit than those who use HPS lighting.  

LED lighting can also be more economically friendly for more than just your power bill!  They generate little to no heat, which in turn reduces the need for cooling systems.  The soil and plants are being exposed to less heat which means less water evaporation, thus reducing the water bill.  Lower water usage can transform whole regions that are prone to droughts or other water shortages into indoor crop production zones. 

LED lighting systems also help the economy by reducing pollution.  They do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury.  Many areas in advancing countries use bio-mass or kerosene as fuel for lighting.  These fuels degrade the environment and release large amounts of carbon monoxide. LED technology provides light using minimal wattage that can be generated by generators such as solar panels and hydroelectric systems.  These are just a few key highlights of the many economic benefits these lights can do for our indoor grow operations.

Along with economic benefits, there are many efficient benefits to using the LED system.  LED lights act as a natural sunlight allowing it to further enhance the financial viability of an indoor crop growth facility.  They produce the specific light spectrum plants need which enhances growth.  As a result, fewer lights are needed for optimal performance.  Energy expenses usually account for 20 – 30% of crop production costs.  Using LED systems allows for you to optimize net profits from your operations.   Some indoor farmers have reported that they use 98% less water to produce the same volume of crops as would be needed for outdoor crop production.  Annually, a 12X12 foot plot would cost $4,829 dollars per year with HPS lights, whereas LED lights would only cost $1,500 per year.

LED lights also require less electricity to operate, so you can reduce production cost by switching to LED lighting as this consumes 70% of energy.  Plants can consume 30% of the light from HPS lights while 30% of the energy used by the lights is lost as heat.  Using LED lighting, plants are consuming 50% of the light.  LEDs can be color tuned to generate an ideal blend of illumination for photosynthesis.  HPS lights are unable to be color tuned and remain amber colored throughout the process.  LEDs replicate the color rendering index (CRI) and other characteristics of natural sunlight that plants need to benefit for growth and production.  Being as efficient and costs productive as possible is viable in today’s world to have your business continue thriving.

Today’s world is fast-paced, and you have to stay on your toes to keep up with the ever-changing technology and advancements.  While you may have to invest more in the beginning to keep up with the technologies, the studies speak for themselves, as the annual production cost declines with the use of LEDs, and your profit increases.  LED lights also are proven to have a lifespan of up to 19 years, whereas the HPS lights have to be replaced every few years which is another cost efficient benefit to you and the economy. We predict that within the next decade green houses, indoor farms, and all other indoor grow operations will have switched over to LEDs and reap the economic benefits efficiently.

If you’re looking for the most efficient LED lights in the business to help minimize your overhead, make your plants even better, and maximize your profit, visit our website and check out our products.  We pride ourselves in the efficiency of our products, and we would love to help your business be even more effective.