Jefferson Soul: A Model of Vertical Farming with Growspectra Lights

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Jefferson Soul: A Model of Vertical Farming with Growspectra LED Lights

Bob Grover, the cultivation manager at Jefferson Soul, a cannabis grow in Northern California, has been cultivating for over 15 years both indoor and outdoor. Along with his team, Bob is dedicated to producing medical-grade cannabis of the highest quality for the recreational market. Jefferson Soul grows their cannabis under LED lights, they use Growspectra VR2 680 in flower and VR2 480 in Veg. They have found that they have seen significant improvements in their yields and grow operations as a result.

"We can grow vertically with LEDs, and we do in our rooms. All of our LED flower rooms are double-decker, so we have twice the amount of canopy by growing vertically with the same AC tonnage," explains Bob. In these rooms, they run two crops, one on top and one below, for example Jealousy Runtz on top and RS11 on the bottom.

The efficiency of the Growspectra LED lights allows Jefferson Soul to use twice as many lights per room. Bob says, "15 HID lights versus 30 LED lights. Giving us almost double the amount of canopy versus an HID room." In addition, the LED lights emit less heat, which is easier on the plants during the vegetative and generative stages, and provides a more controlled environment.

Bob picked Growspectra LED lights for their efficiency and competitive price point. He explains, "I really believe in cannabis for its medicinal and recreational abilities both." And with the results they have seen at Jefferson Soul, it's clear that the Growspectra LED lights have been a valuable investment. "One of our last harvests was 37% THC and some CBD cannabinoids, and almost 40% total cannabinoids," adds Bob.

In short, the use of Growspectra LED lights at Jefferson Soul has allowed them to grow vertically, double their canopy sizes, and increase yields. With Growspectra's competitive pricing and efficiency, it's no wonder that Jefferson Soul is thriving in their cannabis cultivation operations.


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